How To Use

Important: Pocket Staffs should be used at your own risk with an adult's supervision. Pocket Staff Magic accepts no liability for loss, damage, or injury due to their product(s).


Pocket Staff Instructions:

1. Place one finger on the bottom and one finger on the rim of the top side (do NOT place your finger on the pin).

2. Apply pressure with your finger that is placed on the bottom. This will then release the pin (do NOT move your fingers from the original position just yet).

3. Quickly release your fingers and move your hand out of the way so the staff can extend

4.Quickly grab the staff after it is extended. (It is very important that you quickly move your hand out of the way when extending the staff to ensure safety.)

Now you can enjoy your pocket staff safely! 

Collapsing the Pocket Staff:

*We recommend that you put gloves on to avoid being cut by the sharp edges.*

1. Place one hand on the top, and the other hand 2-3 inches below the top.

2. Begin to twist with your top hand and hold the staff steady with the other hand.

3. As you are twisting, push the staff down gradually. You will begin to see the staff decreasing in size.

4.Push the pin back down and slide through the ring.

Your Pocket Staff is now ready to go for your next use! 

NOTE: If the Pocket Staff extends too far when you release it, it is NOT broken! This issue can simply be fixed by rewrapping the section that extended too far! 



    • Opening the Pocket Staff horizontally, not vertically.
    • When opening and closing the Pocket Staff, be sure to hold it at approximately one foot away from yourself and others to avoid injuries. 
    • When closing the Pocket Staff, be sure to wear gloves to protect yourself from sharp edges.
    • When closing the Pocket Staff, do not hold your head over the staff. The staff could extend back out if your hand slips, because of this you will want to be sure that you are not in a position where you may be injured. 


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